First Animated Doodle From Google

Google changes its logo from time to time depending upon the current events, and these logos are called Google doodles. But this is the first time that Google has used an animated doodle. I captured the video of doodle to store it forever.

All About Windows God Mode

As a normal human being you have to work hard and handle a lot of things to survive and lead a decent life. But what if you got some super powers? Well, you can get a few super powers, at least in virtual world. You can be a GOD of your machine by activating the God Mode in Windows.

2 Methods to Password Protect Image Files

If you need to share a private image online and you are concerned that it may get leaked, then you can password protect the file before sharing it with anyone. Then even if it gets leaked, unauthorized people will be unable to see the image until they know the password. In this post I describe two methods to password protect image files.