22 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail is a popular email service. Its popular because it of really cool features like support for keyboard shortcuts. Here’s a list of 22 keyboard shortcuts for Windows Live Hotmail,

DeleteDelete a messageCtrl+NCreate a new message
Ctrl+Shift+OOpen messageCtrl+EnterSend message
Ctrl+RReply to a messageCtrl+Shift+PPrint a message
Ctrl+Shift+FForward a messageCtrl+SSave message as draft
Ctrl+Shift+JMark message as junkCtrl+QMark message as read
Ctrl+UMark message as unreadCtrl+Shift+VMove to folder
Ctrl+.Open next messageCtrl+,Open previous message
EscClose message/Search messages
F7Spell checkS then ASelect all
S then NDeselect allF then SGo to Sent folder
F then IGo to inboxF then DGo to Drafts folder

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