How To Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card in India

Until today, the only way to verify a paypal account was by linking a credit card to it. For Indian users, it was a big issue as most of the Indian users don’t have a credit card. But paypal have realized this problem and now you can verify your paypal account just by adding your bank account details to it.

Download Microsoft Visual Studio Beta 2

Microsoft Visual Studio Beta 2 version is finally available for free download. The beta 2 version fixes many bugs from beta 1 and adds a couple of new features. You can safely start developing with this beta 2 version, as I think there won’t be many changes in the final release.

24 Most Useful Shortcuts For Google Reader

Google reader is probably the most popular feed reader, helping us to track multiple blogs and websites easily. However, as you subscribe to more and more feeds, it becomes difficult to handle so many updates. Here’s a list of 24 most useful shortcuts for google reader to save you a lot of time.

2 Ways To Install Firefox 3.6 in Ubuntu 9.10

Let me now show you how you can install Firefox 3.6 in Ubuntu 9.10. Both the methods keep the earlier version of Firefox, instead of rewriting it. Although version 3.6 is made default.

Use Bluetooth Proximity To Lock And Unlock Computer

Assuming that you are on a Windows based machine, you can always lock your system by pressing Window+L keys. But what if you need to lock your computer from some distance? Well, just use Bluetooth Proximity Lock.

Delete Useless DLL Files To Speed Up Computer

If you are on any Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Vista or 7) then you can speed up your computer to a considerable extent using this tip – Just delete duplicate and orphaned DLL files.

All About Windows God Mode

As a normal human being you have to work hard and handle a lot of things to survive and lead a decent life. But what if you got some super powers? Well, you can get a few super powers, at least in virtual world. You can be a GOD of your machine by activating the God Mode in Windows.