8 Reasons to Use Blockchain Technology in Your Business

Blockchain is a record of decentralized data that can be transferred securely. This technology allows a collective group of select shareholders to share data. With blockchain, you can collect and transfer transaction data from various sources. Data is broken down into common blocks that are connected using unique identifiers in the form of cryptographic hashes. Blockchain guarantees data integrity with a single source of reliable information, eliminating data duplication and enhancing security. In the blockchain system, trickery and data hacking are prevented by the fact that data cannot be changed without the consent of all parties. The blockchain registry can be shared but cannot be changed. If someone tries to change the data, all participants will be alerted and know who is attempting.


Benefits of Using Blockchain

Blockchain is a new technology that can work with other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning to enable users to extract meaningful insights from data. Often, blockchain systems and smart contracts can be used to solve applied problems, such as interbank and exchange settlements, financial settlements in international holdings and groups, open electronic voting, confirmation of copyright for digital content, and electronic notaries. The advantages of this technology are speed, transparency, availability, reliability, and low cost.

The preferential transition of private/public companies to Internet technologies makes it possible to integrate blockchains into the existing infrastructure without visible transformations. Implementation is possible by changing the internal algorithms for storing data, providing access to them by users. If you leave the previous interface, the owners of personal accounts will not even notice the difference, feeling only the noticeably increased speed of the resource.

Hacking a blockchain requires access to the millions of computers that are involved in the network. This is technically impossible to accomplish. Using blockchain technology, companies get one hundred percent security for free. Blockchain technology significantly reduces costs due to the lack of intermediaries. If a company makes a lot of transactions, then even seemingly small commissions end up in a tidy sum.

Reasons to Use Blockchain in Business

The adoption of blockchain technology is predicted to expand in the next few years with the remote developer salary. This technology is recognized as innovative as blockchain will reconstruct existing business processes, increasing performance and security. Blockchain technology also provides specific business advantages for companies. With the help of outstaffing agencies that provide remote developers, the implementation of this technology is available for practically every company.

There are no risks in blockchain technology. Nobody can deceive you. The algorithms are built in such a way that each block is related to the previous one, and when a new one is added (which is confirmed by each participant), the registry is automatically updated. Thus, you do not have to worry that any of the parties will not fulfill their obligations. Here are the top 8 benefits of using blockchain technology in modern-day business:

  1. Trust. Building trust between companies lets corporation by transferring reliable data with each other;
  2. Decentralized structure. Blockchain can help integrate data into a one system through a distributed ledger that is shared across a network and is available to parties with relevant permissions;
  3. High level of data security. Because of the lack of data alteration possibilities, blockchain is one of the most secured data storing and transferring technology;
  4. Reduced costs. Cutting costs is in the blockchain’s nature. By hiring a remote developer, you can greatly add to the savings.
  5. Traceability. The technology creates records of hacking that can be easily delivered to all participants;
  6. Individual control of data. It offers the ability to guarantee participants the probity of the products sold;
  7. Speed. Blockchain technology is all about speed. By eliminating the intermediaries, all the transactions happen much faster than in other technologies;
  8. Tokenization. You can record the value of a digital asset using encrypted tokens;

Which Industries Greatly Benefit from Blockchain?

Blockchain can be used in many industries due to the versatility of this technology. However, if you want to reach the maximum of its potential, try to apply it to one of these:

  • Financial industry. The securities market, the stock market is the area to which the blockchain is primarily focused. Individuals and companies actively use the opportunity to sell shares directly without intermediaries represented by exchanges.
  • Logistics. A huge number of suppliers and buyers. All this must be monitored and often set up several processes at the same time. By using blockchain, you can avoid unnecessary workflow.
  • Real estate. Another industry in which there are large amounts of transfers and a lot of paperwork.
  • Energy. Blockchain technology can reduce infrastructure and documentation costs. Thus, to facilitate the entry into the business and provide more favorable conditions for the sale and purchase.
  • Insurance. The insurance process can be automated and greatly facilitate communication between the client and the company.


Blockchain is a technology for decentralized storage and distributed recording of transactions, based on cryptographic methods of protecting information, which eliminates an intermediary. Blockchain technology can save a company money, automate most processes, and reduce risks. With the help of blockchain technology, you can not only make money transfers, but also send information (contracts, agreements, etc.) since it can be applied to many industries. Offshore software development allows businesses to leverage this rapidly growing technology and scale it easily.


Aside from the hype, hiring a remote development team is strategically important for businesses. Dedicated developers can allow you to reduce costs without disintermediation, as well as create new business models in the long term. The existing digital infrastructure and the growth of blockchain as a service (BaaS) supply have reduced costs, and many companies are already testing the technology.

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