Best app to Send a Fax From the iPhone

Fax is gaining popularity again because of its incorporation in smartphones and other digital devices. Instead of using a fax machine, people prefer to send a fax from phones and computers because they are convenient to use and don’t need any landline connection to exchange faxes. Sending fax from IPhone has now become easier than posting a photo to Instagram. With just a few clicks on the optimized application, your fax is already sent to the recipient.

IPhone users have a specially designed application they can use for sending and receiving the fax directly from their devices. The only thing you need is a stable and fast internet connection. Since fax is an analog interface, online faxing services are required for bridging the gap between analog and digital interfaces.

CocoFax: Online faxing service for iPhone users

CocoFax is listed in the blog Google fax-free among the best scan and fax apps for iPhone. CocoFax is available via any web browser and allows its users to conveniently fax without an old fax machine and telephone connection.

It has got good reviews from many famous organizations that include the New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, LifeHacker, and Forbes. CocoFax preserves the security of documents and sends the fax with lightning-fast speed.

It provides its users a free fax number. For fax machine users it was necessary to call the telephone operator and get the number.

But now you can get the number online or if you already have a number you can inform the authorities and can use that same fax number without changing. CocoFax is suitable for both Android and iPhone users.

Distinguishing features of CocoFax

CocoFax is a reliable and economical service. It facilitates its users with a one-month free trial option. If you want to send the fax once or twice simply get the subscription and once the free trial expires you can cancel the subscription.

CocoFax is the paperless alternative of the fax machine so it saves a lot of energy and money by excluding the ink, toners, papers, and maintenance expenses. Google fax-free is the blog covering its features, you can learn more from here about this site.

CocoFax is available online via any web browser like Google or you can install the applications in your smartphone to use it as the fax machine. CocoFax is compatible with any device like laptop, PC, and mac.

The faxing is fun and easy for all kinds of people as it can be done instantly and there is no technical error in the working of CocoFax. As long as the internet connection is stable and the fax number is correct there will be no hurdle in sending any fax.

Send fax from iPhone via CocoFax dashboard

CocoFax has all the expertise to work efficiently. No technical skills are required for sending a fax from the iPhone. As there is no built-in system to send the fax, we need a third party to do the work. Firstly, you must have the installed application of CocoFax.

Sign up

For signing up, you have to open the official site of CocoFax via Google and then click on the free trial button given in the top right corner. After clicking on that, a new window will open; there the fax number will be selected by you.

After that, the next step is to fill the fields with the first and last name and enter the email address of that account you want to incorporate in your CocoFax account. This will make it possible to send and receive the faxes via email account.

Draft the fax

After registration is complete, a dashboard will appear on the screen. To draft the new fax, click on the “new fax” option and fill in the fields.

In the “To” field you have to enter the fax number of the recipient and this number must be entered correctly.

In subject and body fields, typing any text is not mandatory.

In the attachment, field to attach the document, click on the paper clip option and select the documents. CocoFax supports the attachment of multiple files to save time and send them as a single fax.

Send the fax

In the end, review the fax and click on the send button. CocoFax will inform you about the receiving through a notification or an email in your inbox. If there is an error in sending the fax check, the fax number and the fax machine at the receiving end.

If the machine is off, fax will not be delivered there. To answer your queries, CocoFax is backed by a team of experts available 24 hours a day, 7days a week. CocoFax has been designed in such a way that there could hardly be any error in its working.

Receiving fax via CocoFax dashboard

For receiving the fax, CocoFax has an edge over the traditional fax machines because unlike any fax machine there is no need to keep the phone on 24/7. CocoFax will not miss any incoming fax. There is a stepwise process to receive the faxes.

Log into your account, and read download the faxes. You can read them whenever you have time without printing them out.

Send fax via email account through CocoFax

Log into your account and click on the new fax option after that filling of the template is the same with one difference. In the “To” field along with the fax number, you have to add the suffix for example if the fax number is 123456 you will type

After attaching the file click on the send button and once the fax is sent to the recipient a confirmatory email will arrive in your inbox. In case of receiving the fax from the fax machine, CocoFax will convert the TIFF file into a digital PDF file. It will get stored in your account; you can read it by logging into your account.


To wrap up the discussion it can be stated that CocoFax has made faxing a better way of exchanging personal and professional documents. It is easy to use and can work on any device. For ios users, the special application has been designed.

CocoFax has top-notch professional features making it the best faxing application. There are no hidden charges and interruption by annoying advertisements. After the free trial expires, you have to pay a small amount of money to keep using the fax number and CocoFax services.

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