Top 10 most in-demand IT jobs

The IT industry is the fastest-growing segment of the economy. Any specialist involved in IT can boast a salary higher than the average. Anyone can get an education in technology and digital. Studying is rather complicated and expensive, and some students need help and google “who can do my programming assignment.” However, the effort, time, and money spent will definitely pay off if you show your skills and talents. Today we’re going to talk about the ten most in-demand jobs in the IT field to help you set a vector for your IT career.

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Front-end developer and UX-designer

On the one hand, these are different professions. Still, on the other hand, we are dealing with one direction, which is responsible for creating a user-friendly, functional, and understandable interface. Even if you have chosen one of these professions, you can expect interesting proposals from employers. These specialists constantly interact, and if you combine the knowledge and skills of front-end development and UX design, demand and high income is guaranteed.

Mobile applications developer

Few people are indifferent to mobile games, quick access to bank accounts, navigators, image editing tools, and other applications that developers and the most advanced companies delight us with. Thinking about the user is not only fashionable but also profitable. That’s why new applications for mobile devices appear every day. Companies are ready to invest a lot of money in this direction of business development. And one of the main expense items for business people is to pay a developer who can come up with and create something special. Hardly anything will change here in the nearest years as the amount of time we spend with a phone in our hands increases with the speed of light.

IT Analyst

Huge amounts of data, tons of numbers, and hundreds of different factors that need to be taken into account to work effectively in IT have brought the analyst to a special, elite level. The ability to operate and compare various, seemingly incomparable data makes employers pay them uncomplainingly. Given the trends in the field, salaries and demand for analysts promise to grow even more in the coming years.

Project Manager

Despite the extensive coverage of automated solutions and the introduction of robots in various processes, the field of management is still only accessible to humans. A project manager unites a team of specialists working on one or more projects, coordinates their work, and controls the stages of its implementation. In addition, the manager’s tasks include stage-by-stage auditing and operational correction of the work process. A team leader who can communicate with customers and take responsibility for the final result and the quality of the product is always highly valued by employers.

IoT engineer

Smart houses, autopilots, cloud storage, and other modern Internet technology things that only the most progressive science-fiction writers could see in their wildest dreams 70 years ago are coming together in a unified control system. Not so many engineers can put it all together and distribute it competently, working with both software and machines, but the demand for them is already overwhelming.

Staffing analysts promise that a need for such specialists will result in an incredible 4.5 million job openings. Given the virtual absence of quality training programs, high competition in the foreseeable future is not expected in this area. Therefore, those who have managed to get the necessary knowledge and sharpened skills can safely hope for a good income and many benefits.

Big Data Analyst

IDC predicts that by 2025, the total amount of information in the world will increase by five times compared to 2018. This means that specialists engaged in data analysis will be increasingly in demand.

Big Data analysis allows mankind to make new scientific discoveries in all areas without exception and increase the efficiency of companies, both in increasing profits and finding new sources of income and in improving the quality of service and production.

Cyber Security Specialist

The number of information technology crimes increases every year: website hacks, data and money theft, blocking systems for ransom, and more. The cybersecurity specialist has to prevent all this.

They implement various technical means of protection, look for vulnerabilities through which an attack can be made, and train company employees in the basics of information security with the help of cybersecurity courses.


One may say that this profession is not precisely IT-related. However, it is still closely related to this industry and requires specific technical skills. Social networks have already conquered the hearts and wallets of millions of users. Almost all active people have an account on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Channels on YouTube are no less popular, and their competent promotion allows companies to receive substantial profits. The tendency of a smooth transition of a business to development through social networks is quite understandable. Such popularity and outreach have determined a significant demand for SMM.

It is a mistake to think that social media managers only write posts and pick up pretty pictures. One lovely post on Instagram hides a lot of time spent. They have to do analytics, select target audiences, set up ads, know how to read simple codes, work with many tools, and have good communication skills.

QA tester

It is another one of the most in-demand IT professions. A tester searches for errors and inaccuracies in development. It is one of the key processes in ensuring product quality. It is believed that the tester is the easiest way into development and programming. Beginners do not write code but test the product manually.

Java Developer

Java is a programming language that has been in the top 5 most popular languages every year since the beginning of the rankings. It is used in all areas of programming, but most of all in the development of corporate software and systems, games, and mobile applications. The wide range of uses of the language makes Java programmer one of the most in-demand digital professions.

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