How To Find Ebooks Using Google Search

If you want to learn more about a subject or if you are researching about something on internet, then the best way is to find free ebooks available on the subject and go through them.

Also, most printed books are also available in the various ebook formats, including .pdf, .chm, .cbr, .djvu, .epub and many more depending upon your ebook reader. So its a good idea to check the ebook version of a book before buying its printed version.

There are many websites on the internet where you can download free ebooks. If you can’t find an ebook anywhere, then Google is the best tool to find any ebook easily.

You must use some special search queries to find ebooks using Google. Some of the best queries to find ebooks are listed below:

• Use intitle search operator: intitle operator can be used if you want to search only the html title tag(<title>) of web pages. For example, the following query will find only those web pages that have the keyword apples in their title tag.


We can use the intitle operator to find the directory listings of web servers where ebooks are stored. This is because the default html title for these contains the word, index of. So if you want to find ebooks in .chm format which are published by syngress, then you will use this query.

Some more examples of using the intitle operator to find ebooks on Google:

intitle:index.of?chm health
intitle:index.of?chm “Radiology for Dummies”

Thus, in short, you can use a query of this type to find ebooks on a specific subject with a specific ebook format.

intitle:index.of?file_extension book_info

• Use allinurl search operator: allinurl operator can be used to restrict the search results to only those web pages which contain the keyword in their url. For example, the query below will list only those web pages that have the word apples in their url like, or


Now, as Google’s spiders crawl the web they also find ebooks. We can use allinurl operator to find ebooks like this:

allinurl: pdf “Radiology for Dummies”

This query will find all the web pages that have the word pdf and the phrase “Radiology for Dummies” in their URL. And its highly likely that you will find the book “Radiology for Dummies” in pdf format using this query.

• Use the Google Phrase Search and + Operator: You can use the double quoted phrase in Google search to find web pages that contain the phrase exactly as you used. For instance, the following query will show you web pages that contain the phrase “Radiology for Dummies” exactly.

“Radiology for Dummies”

The + operator can be used to find only those pages that contain the terms prefixed with +. No synonyms, only exact match. For example, the following query will find only those pages which have the word dummies in it and the word Radiology and the words similar to Radiology.

Radiology for +Dummies

Combining both the phrase search and the + operators, the following query can be used to find any ebook easily.

+(“index of”) +(“/ebooks”|”/ebook”) +(chm|pdf|zip|rar) +book_info

Some more examples of using the phrase search with + operator:

+(“index of”) +(“/ebooks”|”/ebook”) +(chm|pdf|zip|rar) +health
+(“index of”) +(“/ebooks”|”/ebook”) +(chm|pdf|zip|rar) +”Radiology Tips”

Hope this helps you to find any ebook you are looking for. If you know of any other method to search ebooks using Google, then please leave a comment below.

Also note that you will find many paid ebooks as well using the queries above. But downloading those ebooks is illegal and I suggest you to always purchase a paid ebook and support the author. The above methods should be used only to find free ebooks.

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  1. Hi! thanks for hint!

    But I don’t find a book whose name is:

    “Symmetric Properties of Real Functions” fromThomson, Brian S. (1994).

    Please, answer!

  2. @Edneser

    Man, you can easily find any ebook using this queries provided that the “ebook is available”. Many books are not available in ebook format, so obviously you can’t find those on web. May be, this is one of those books.

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