Download And Save Books From Google Book Search in PDF Format

If you like to read ebooks then you must have used Google Books Search.


Google allows you to download non copyright books to your computer in pdf format. But there’s no way to download copyright protected books and magazines from Google Books. Well, there was no way until now. You can now download any book from Google Books Search in PDF format using Google Books Downloader.


Note that you will need Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1 to run this application. You can download .net framework from the download page of Google Books Downloader.

How To Use Google Books Downloader:

Step 1. Run Google Books Downloader.

Step 2. Paste the id of the book that you want to download.


Step 3. Press Check button. The book will be checked and information about the all available pages will be displayed.

Step 4. Press Download entire book button. This will start downloading all the available pages of the book.

Step 5. Press Save entire book as… button to save the book in pdf format.

That’s it.