7 Methods to Open docx File Without Word 2007

The new versions of MS Word (form MS Office 2007 onwards) uses docx file format. If you have an older version of Word, you cannot open docx file with it. So, how to open a docx file without Word 2007?

Adsense Code Converter For Blogger Blogs

It is a tool to encode HTML and JavaScript advertisement codes into strict XHTML entities. If you directly use ad codes in blogger template, it will not work. But once you convert it to XHTML entities using this tool, it can be embedded anywhere in the blogger template.

Find if Your Friend is Sleeping Before Sending her an email

I have to deal with clients from all over the world everyday. And since the time zones are different, I have to take care of the time in their country before initiating any communication with them. Thanks to Gmail Labs, now I don’t have to keep different clocks for different clients…

How To Add Images In Gmail Messages

No need to host images externally or use links to insert inline images in Gmail messages. Here’s a trick to directly insert images from the rich formatting toolbar…