Where is Google Chrome Installed in Windows?

The default installation path for any software in windows is Program files in the windows installation directory (which is usually C). But if, for some reason, you look for Google Chrome directory in Program Files, you’ll not find it there. This is because Google Chrome doesn’t installs itself in the Program Files directory. So, the question is,

Where is Google Chrome Installed in Windows?

Google Chrome installs itself in the default user folder in windows. For Windows XP, it is,

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\

For Windows Vista, it is,


Where UserName stands for the user name of the user logged in. Note that I have assumed that windows is installed in the C drive on your computer, which is generally the case. If its not installed in the C drive, then replace it with the appropriate drive letter.

Why is Google Chrome Not Installed in Program Files?

The reason for this is not clear. At Google Groups, someone pointed out that that installing in the user folder allows the installation even when the user is not an administrator. It also helps to keep the browser’s settings, like extensions, personalized for each user.

How To Install Google Chrome In Program Files?

If you want to install Google Chrome in Program Files then use Google Pack to install it.


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  1. good work dude.
    i was thinking about how to make it portable from my one computer to another.

    is there any way to download offline installer of the Google chrome just like you told about yahoo messenger.

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