Download Full Standalone Offline Installer For Google Chrome

If you are a frequent Gmail or Orkut user then you probably know that both these services from Google work lightening fast inside Google Chrome. With continuous improvements from Google, Google Chrome is definitely worth checking.

If you download Google Chrome from the official download page, you’ll get a very small installer file. When you run this installer, it grabs the latest files from the internet and installs them on your computer. But, if you are on a slow or dial-up connection, it may take very long time to install Google Chrome in this way.

So, if you are on a slow connection, its best to use the full standalone offline installer for Google Chrome. Earlier there were many tricks available to get the full offline installer for Google Chrome. But now there is no need to use those tricks because google has officially provided a full offline installer link for Google Chrome. You can get it at this page. Also note that you’ll always get the latest version of Google Chrome if you download it from this link.