Change The Size Of Minimize, Maximize and Close Button in Windows

At the top right hand corner of every window in windows, there are three buttons to minimize, maximize and close the window. These are called Caption Buttons. By default, the size of these buttons is very small, which sometimes is very irritating (remember the last time when you press close instead of maximize :) )

So here’s a step by step procedure to change the size of Caption Buttons in windows

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Computer Restarts at Windows XP Loading Screen? Fix it!

One of my friend’s laptop recently got this strange problem of restarting at the windows loading screen. Now this was a unique problem since I couldn’t tweak any of the windows settings without first getting into it, and in this case this was impossible. After a few hours of research I concluded that the trouble is caused by damaged kernel32.dll file, so I simply extracted a new copy of kernel32.dll from the windows xp cd to my friend’s laptop and it started working fine again. Here’s a step by step procedure to do the same.

How To Force Idle Status on GTalk

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