Go To Tagged.com And You Are Trapped

I recently received an email from Tagged.com, seemingly sent by one of my friend, with a subject, Satish Gandham has added you as a friend on tagged :). The mail’s body was like this,

Satish Gandham
Satish Gandham has added you as a friend
Do you know Satish?

Please respond in next 3 minutes!

It looked like this,


This email seemed suspicious to me since both the Yes and No were pointing to the same page. Also, Satish never sends me this kind of things. So, I decided to find out more about it. I clicked on one of the links that lead me to tagged.com, and it obviously asked me to sign up before proceeding. The site was trying to create a sense of urgency which increased my suspicion even more. And when I opened the registration page, I realized that I was right. The site asked for too much personal information. But the most important fact that proved that tagged.com is a scam is that it asked for my Gmail username and password. That’s not all, it asked me my credit card information. Now what social networking site asks for that?

I googled up this and found that tagged.com is indeed a scam. It asks for username and password for the email you use for signing up. Then it sends the emails to all your contact. The emails subjects are like these,

  • Sachin has added you as a friendon Tagged.com. Respond within 3 minutes.
  • Sania has sent you private photos on Tagged.com. Respond or she may think that you are not her friend.
  • Mallika has sent you a private message on Tagged.com. Click here to read the message.

Then a few more accounts are compromised and the email is again sent to more people. The cycle is continuing in this way and tagged.com is collecting a whole lot of personal information, email passwords, and credit card information from people around the world. You can think of what they’ll do with that information.

So, please inform all your friends that Tagged.com is a scam. Be aware that no one has sent you anything on Tagged.com. Remember that if you go to Tagged, you are trapped. All your personal information is gone!

5 thoughts on “Go To Tagged.com And You Are Trapped”

  1. Great pointer. I used it long time back and I deleted my account after it. They are the most obvious Scam Social networking site. I highly advice people to stay away from it..

  2. @Navneet

    No brother, it was not a phishing page. Tagged.com itself is a scam.

    @Harsh and @Amal

    I will be posting much more security related articles soon. Thanks for appreciation.

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