Computer Restarts at Windows XP Loading Screen? Fix it!

One of my friend’s laptop recently got this strange problem of restarting at the windows loading screen. Now this was a unique problem since I couldn’t tweak any of the windows settings without first getting into it, and in this case this was impossible. After a few hours of research I concluded that the trouble is caused by damaged kernel32.dll file, so I simply extracted a new copy of kernel32.dll from the windows xp cd to my friend’s laptop and it started working fine again. Here’s a step by step procedure to do the same.

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How to Stop the Noise While Copying Audio CD

Whenever I try to burn an audio cd using Nero, my cd writer makes a lot of noise. Observing the process carefully for some time revealed that noise is generated only at the end of each track. Anyways, I tried to find a a fix for this, and here’s the step by step solution to the problem.