Check PNR Status For an Indian Railways’ Ticket Using Your Mobile Phone

If you live in India or are planning a trip to India, you probably already know that the best way to travel throughout India is via Indian Railways. But since its the most popular way to travel in India, its difficult to get a confirmed reservation for an Indian Railways’ ticket. When you buy an unconfirmed ticket, you will get a PNR (Passenger name record) number with the ticket. You can then check if your ticket is confirmed using this PNR number.

One way to do this is to call the Indian Railways’ toll free number (139) and ask them about it. The problem with this method is that you will almost always find this number busy. But these days, almost everyone carries a Smartphone with internet access. You can do almost anything using a phone, like checking Facebook, twitter, shopping or use a free ads site. You can even check PNR status via mobile phones. This is the fastest and most reliable method to check the PNR status of your ticket.

Checking PNR Status of an Indian Railways’ Ticket Via Mobile Phone


There are multiple ways to check the PNR status of a ticket from Indian Railways via Mobile Phone. Try them in the order listed below and hopefully one will work for you.

• Send an SMS to 139 with this content,

PNR<PNR Number>

Note that there is no space between the word PNR and the actual PNR number.

• Send an SMS to 5676747 with this content,

PNR<PNR Number>

Just like above, there is no space between the word PNR and the actual PNR number.

Note that both the above methods to check PNR status by sending an SMS are officially provided by IRCTC (Indian Railways), but unfortunately, they are not free. So you will be charged every time you send a SMS for PNR status enquiry.

• If you want to travel urgently and you need to check the PNR status multiple times a day, then the above two methods may prove very costly to you, as the SMS sent for PNR status enquiry are charged at a premium rate. To check PNR status for free, send an SMS to 9773300000 with your PNR number as content. This service is free.

• If you have a mobile phone with internet/GPRS service, you can simply visit the official website of Indian Railways: to check PNR status.

If you still can’t find the PNR status, then please call the toll free number of Indian Railways, as mentioned above, for PNR status enquiry.

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