3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

Sometimes you are looking for some particular page in a website but can’t track it down. So, you try to use the search feature of the site but still can’t find the page. What to do now? Well, you can use Google to search within a specific website. There are three ways to restrict your search results to a specific website…

How To Get Live Cricket Scores Using Google

Now that the IPL matches are starting very soon, I have started finding ways to get live cricket scores, so that I never miss the thrill :) . Here’s a cool way to get live cricket scores from Google…

Select, Copy And Paste Text In Cmd/Command Prompt

There are times when we need to copy something from command prompt or to paste something to it. And if you are a command prompt hacker then you must have cursed windows for lack of copy/paste support in command prompt.

Well, stop cursing and start learning, following are two ways to select, copy and paste in command prompt.

Now Select Multiple Files And See Progress Bar While Adding Attachments to Gmail

Till now it was very tedious to send multiple attachments with Gmail. You had to select each attachments one by one. And the most annoying thing was that Gmail didn’t had any progress bar indicating the upload status of the file(s) which was very annoying.

Well, not any more. Gmail has just introduced multi-selection in attachments and progress bar as well. Read more about these new features…

Send Free SMS Without Any Ads Using Yahoo Mail

It is very easy to send free sms without any advertisements using yahoo mail’s inbuilt chat system. Following is the detailed tutorial on sending ad free sms using yahoo mail…

How to Apply Winamp Skins on VLC Media Player

VLC media player is no doubt the best media player available today. It is sometimes called the Swiss Army Knife of media applications because it supports almost every audio and video format out there. But when it comes to looks, it only comes with a boring default skin. Here’s a trick by which you can use any winamp classic skin on vlc media player-