Stop Automatic Redirections in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 comes with a new feature that alerts you whenever you are being redirected to another webpage. This is great since it prevents you from the malicious websites and phishing.

Set Thumbnails as Default View in Windows

The default view in Windows XP and Vista is tiles. If you’d like to set the default view to thumbnails, Filmstrip, Icons, List or Details, it can be done easily.

7 Methods to Open docx File Without Word 2007

The new versions of MS Word (form MS Office 2007 onwards) uses docx file format. If you have an older version of Word, you cannot open docx file with it. So, how to open a docx file without Word 2007?

Adsense Code Converter For Blogger Blogs

It is a tool to encode HTML and JavaScript advertisement codes into strict XHTML entities. If you directly use ad codes in blogger template, it will not work. But once you convert it to XHTML entities using this tool, it can be embedded anywhere in the blogger template.