7 Professional Transcription Services Everybody Can Utilize on Phones

You probably search for reliable transcription services and do not know what decision to make. Let us offer you 7 options of the top transcription companies with detailed descriptions of everyone.

Reasons for Utilizing a Transcription Service

As we remember, transcription is a process of transforming audio and video records into text. It can be automated and human. If you want to get reliable transcription, it is recommended to utilize human transcription. It is performed by professional human transcribers who possess sufficient skills and experience. Thus, let us consider why the utilization of transcription services is a good idea.

  • It saves your time. You do not need to sit attempting to convert audio and video files into text by yourself.
  • If we speak about the automated type of transcription, you will get the completed result with several clicks.
  • Transcribed content assists you keep in mind significant moments and information from conducted gatherings and calls. Moreover, you can share this content with those who were absent during meetings.
  • You can include captions to your videos if you run a Youtube channel, for example.
    If you possess a blog, you have the possibility to include interesting notes from popular podcasts in it.
  • You need to get an academic transcription of such projects as lectures, seminars, presentations, discussions, etc.

We may conclude that reasons can be various for utilizing online transcription companies. The most important thing is to select a trustworthy company that will provide you high-quality results. Let us move to the variants of such companies.


Transcriberry is the top option among academic transcription services. This website strives to assist both students and educators. It offers high-quality conversation of audio and video into text. The company’s professional transcriptionists are ready to conduct transcriptions for your various projects of any level of complexity. Some of them are research projects, thesis papers, presentations, dissertations, etc.

Speaking about a list of subjects, there is no need to worry too. Experts have enough knowledge and experience in transcribing all possible disciplines such as computer science, art, marketing, history, business, law, journalism, biology, linguistics, etc. All you need to perform is to place an order indicating the type of the project and deadline. The rest is up to professionals of Transcriberry.


Rev is another provider of qualitative services in the sphere of transcription. With its help, you can count on getting audio and video transcriptions, translations, subtitles, etc. When speed matters for you, Rev is exactly what you need. But do not think that you will receive results of bad quality because of the fast performance of transcription. Experts of Rev are responsible and skilled in providing you only perfect texts.

Your order can be finished in several hours with 99% accuracy. Its application is available on both Android and iPhone. With it, you possess the possibility to record gatherings, lectures, and calls. After that, you can easily receive transcriptions of your records with several clicks.


If you value accuracy, this transcription job is for GoTranscript. Even if your audio records contain complicated accents, experts of GoTranscript can cope with them. If your audio and video files involve background noise, the best transcribers of GoTranscript can assist with this too.
They can handle academic and technical projects of any complexity. Besides, GoTranscript’s pricing policy is flexible, and rates are affordable. We think it is a good option, especially for a high rate of accuracy.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a pretty known company that grants services in the sphere of transcription. It can propose automated and manual types of transcriptions. Experts of this company can assist you with Spanish transcriptions as well as audio and video transcriptions. Moreover, you possess the possibility to transcribe physical papers into electronic documents. This is a suitable variant for companies that transfer to paperless offices.

Unfortunately, you should be prepared that the turnaround time is not as fast as other transcription companies have. But the quality will be high for sure.


Scribie is a reliable provider of services in the sphere of transcription. It proposes automated and manual types of transcription services. It can offer many features to its clients no matter the budget.

You possess the possibility to follow the progress of the order. You likewise can download the final versions of papers as soon as they are completed if there is a necessity to operate with these documents immediately. If, for some reason, you are not pleased with the results, just request for a re-review that is free.

The process of placing orders is really simple. Just upload a record, choose the plan, and receive a Word file before the due period.


Sonix is focused on automated transcription only. This enables to get the completed documents faster than if they are transcripted manually. Still, the rate of accuracy will not be as high as human transcriptionists can provide. Nevertheless, special editing tools and affordable rates can balance this.

You possess the possibility to correct your transcripts by utilizing an editor that is already in the browser. It possesses such functions as notes for your colleagues, recalls, word-by-word timestamps, and many others. You can likewise discover functions for automated translation and subtitles.


Similar to Sonix, Temi proposes an automated voice transcription for its clients. Rates are affordable, which makes Temi one of the most selected transcription companies. The company uses speech recognition software that enables to convert voice to text in several minutes. All you need to perform is to upload the needed audio or video file.

You will receive 90-95% accuracy in situations if your uploaded file involves clear speakers without complicated accents and background noise. Such recordings refer to ideal. But unfortunately, you will not get the same high level of accuracy if your recording is complicated to transcribe. More difficult transcriptions should be assigned to human transcriptionists.


We can summarize that there are many transcription services that are ready to provide their help. We have granted a list of the best transcription services you can rely on without hesitation. Now it is up to you what transcription service to select for your assignments. Just remember that reaching professional transcription services is always a proper decision.

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