Facebook Chat Slang, Smileys, Symbols, Text Effects And Much More

Almost everyone is on Facebook these days. Here is a large collection of Facebook smileys, chat slang words, text effects and many more tips to use Facebook effectively. Have fun on Facebook!

The New Language of Facebook

Those who’d like to hurt their fingers typing, raise your hands. No, actually don’t raise your hands, keep them on keyboards as you obviously love typing whole words.

For the rest of us, here’s a glimpse of Facebook slang (abbreviations or abbr ;)) that everyone is using these days. There are hundreds of other similar Facebook slang terms and many more are invented each day but the ones listed below are the ‘must know’ for a good Facebook citizen.

ASAPAs Soon As PossibleGNGood NightM/FAre You Male or Female?
ASLTell me your Age,Sex and LocationIDKI don’t KnowSDSweet Dreams
BRBBe Right BackJKJust KiddingTnxThanks
BTWBy The WayKOkayTYThank You
ROFLRolling on Floor LaughingLOLLaugh out LoudTTYLTalk to you later
FYIFor Your InformationLMAOLaugh My Ass OfWTFWhat The F**k
FBFacebookLMFAOLaugh my f**king ass offWTHWhat the hell
GMGood MorningLMKLet Me KnowzzzSleeping

:) and the world :) with you

Listed below is the complete list of Facebook smileys and emoticons. Smileys and emoticons are just small icons that signify a specific emotion. You can type them from keyboard and they are automatically converted to respective images. But you know all that, right? So, here’s the list of all Facebook emoticons and smileys,

Update: Now you can Write Thumbs Up Sign or Smiley on Facebook. Also check out 240+ Special Symbols For Facebook Chat, Wall and Messages.

Underline And Bold Text In Facebook Chat

Its always great to be able to underline and bold text to emphasize it. You can easily do it inside Facebook chat,

  • To write bold text in Facebook chat, just wrap it inside asterisks(*). Thus *How To Write Bold Text in Facebook Chat?* will display as, How To Write Bold Text in Facebook Chat?
  • To underline text in Facebook chat, enclose it in underscores(_). Thus _I like to be on top of a line_ will display I like to be on top of a line.

Now you must be thinking how to write italic text in Facebook chat?. But unfortunately, its not possible to italic text in Facebook chat at this time. I’ll update this post as soon as this feature is available.

Update: You can also write StrikeThrough text on Facebook. StrikeThrough text is text which looks like cancelled text. Something like this.

Enough is Enough

All work and no play makes Mohan a dull boy (yes, its the Indian version). But some people don’t understand this and they keep pinging you on Facebook chat even if you are not in the mood or situation to chat. You can get rid of this annoyance, just disable Facebook chat for some time to get rid of all interruptions.

Facebook Has You

What if the real life (the outside the computer life ;) ) is Facebook? No need to test your faculties of imagination. Check out this video to see how Facebook would be in real life,

Have some more cool Facebook tips and tricks? submit them using the comments form below. Enjoy!

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  1. what does it mean when some one put #goodtimes or #preciousmoments
    they do it after what ever they write and then put words after# with no spaces??

  2. @daisy disney

    It means it was twitter status that was automatically posted on Facebook using some tool. The #something are twitter hashtags.

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