How To Disable Facebook Chat

To turn off the facebook chat, click on the chat button in the lower right corner of your facebook page, and in the box that opens, select Go Offline.


This setting will practically make you invisible for all your friends on facebook. You’ll not be visible on their online friends list. What’s even more cool is that this setting persists for all your future sessions on facebook, until you manually go online again.

2 thoughts on “How To Disable Facebook Chat”

  1. usually if you are on facebook, but offline on chat, your friends that are online on chat can see your status as “offline” but still know you’re on facebook. my question is, if it’s possible for someone to be on facebook, offline on the chat, but not appear at all on their friends “offline” chat list???

  2. @Sonia

    There is no known way to do that now. I’ll look into some facebook settings and I’ll post about it if its possible to stay “invisible”.

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