How To Send Unlimited Anonymous Email Messages

Do you want to send an anonymous email message? You may want to send limited or unlimited anonymous email messages for a prank or to keep your identity secret while reporting an illegal activity or abuse, but didn’t want to get caught up in it.

Normally, when you send an email to someone, the email header contains your IP address and many other details of the email server. These details can be used to trace the location of the email sender. Most of the times, an IP address is enough.

An anonymous email hides all this info and sends the email message with an empty header or with fake header details. This makes it impossible to trace the email sender.


How to Send Anonymous Email? There are many free web services that let you send an anonymous email, also known as prank email or a fake email.

Each service has some restrictions in place to prevent abuse. For instance, most of them requires you to fill a captcha before you can send an anonymous email. Some services allows only a specified number of emails per day from a single IP address.

In all cases, if you want to send unlimited anonymous email messages, you must send them one by one. There is no legal way to send bulk anonymous email messages. However, if you don’t want to conceal your name, you can send several emails at once using the best bulk email sender. Such a tool is extremely popular among companies with an extensive client list.

List of Free and Working Tools To Send Anonymous Email

AnonEmail: This service sends your email through a series of random nodes, making it impossible to trace the original IP address of the sender.

FormMailer: Its a great fake mailer or prank mailer because you can also specify a fake sender’s email address if you use this tool to send anonymous email message.

Note that Formmailer logs your IP address while sending your email. It will not send this IP address in the header of anonymous email it sends, but it keeps the address in its database, in case you do something illegal.

Enjoy sending unlimited anonymous email messages but don’t do anything illegal! And don’t forget that you may need a mail merge software if you want to send bulk anonymous emails.

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  1. Is there any site from where I can send bulk emails to people of particular area for internet marketing where I dont know the mail id of people. Please guide.

  2. @Ravi

    I don’t think there is any way to send unsolicited emails like this. And also it is called SPAM, which is illegal in most countries.

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