How To Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook is the most visited website today and the only way to connect with people online. Since Facebook is the biggest online sharing platform, it has become a target of hackers, who want to steal the private information of people for malicious intent.

If you see some suspicious activity on your account, like some photos in your account that you never uploaded or some status updates that you never posted, then your Facebook account may have been hacked.

Its also possible that your account is not actually hacked but the unauthorized updates are posted from malicious Facebook apps that you have added to your account. If you feel this is the case, then you should remove these Facebook apps immediately.

One thing you can check to confirm if your Facebook account is actually hacked or not is checking the access details of your Facebook account. You can find out the last access location, device and time when your Facebook account was accessed. You can instantly determine if your Facebook account is hacked by seeing this data.

If you are sure that your Facebook account is hacked, then don’t worry, you can still recover it. Here’s the procedure to recover your hacked Facebook account:

• If you can still login to your Facebook account, then go to this link.

Click on ‘Continue’, and follow the steps towards recovering your hacked Facebook account. Note that once your click on Continue button, your account will be completely blocked temporarily. You’ll not be able to use it until you complete the form and recover your account back.

• If the person who has hacked into your Facebook account, has changed your Facebook password, and you can’t log into it, then go to this link, and click on ‘My account is compromised’.

On next screen, Facebook will ask you some personal questions that you have posted on your Facebook profile.

Once you provide all the necessary information, you will get access to your Facebook account back.

Once you recover your hacked Facebook account, change your Facebook password immediately. Also, follow standard security practices, like don’t click on ‘remember my password’ on a public computer and always log out from Facebook after using it, even if you are on your home computer.

If you have any questions related to recovery of a hacked Facebook account, then post them below.

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