How To Get a Free Experts-Exchange Account

Experts-Exchange is one of the top discussion forum on the web for technical and programming related issues. And I am sure that you must have encountered results from expertes-exchange forums, while googling for your programming related problem. But if you are not logged in, then instead of the answer to your problem, you’ll see this-


And if you try to register, you’ll see this-


Yes, Experts-Exchange is a paid forum. However, there is a backdoor to register at Experts-Exchange without paying a penny. Simply use this registration link and you’ll be able to register easily.

After registration, log into the forums using your user name and password, and you’ll be able to see all the answers and replies to the posts.

Note 1 – Technically speaking, the above link is not exactly a backdoor. Experts-Exchange is obviously aware of that, but the link is obscured inside the home page so that more and more people join the premium membership.

Note 2 – The account created for free have certain restrictions on it. You can see the solutions to the problems but you can’t post a problem and earn points by answering a question. If you want to do that, then go sign up for a premium membership.

Note 3 – The link for free registration is blocked in some countries. If you can’t access the link, then get a US IP address first, and then register at the forums. Once you are registered, you can access it from any country with any IP address.

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