How To Get A US IP Address

There are many web services which are available only to the people from US. For example, if you want to learn how to form an llc in georgia, and you try to research on the internet about it, you will notice that most links are not accessible. These services use geographical IP filtering to block any users accessing it from outside US IP range. For instance, when I try to watch hulu videos from India, I get this message,


So, how to access these web services? The easiest way is to get US IP address on your computer regardless of where you are located. If you access these web services using a US IP address, you’ll be obviously able to access them because the site will think you are from US.

How To Get A US IP Address

The simplest way to get US IP address is to use HotSpot Shield. HotSpot Shield provides a free VPN, and is available for both windows and Mac OS X. The only downside is that it adds a banner at the top of each web page you see while using this VPN. But for $0, this service is great in spite of banner ads.

You can download and install HotSpot Shield from here. After installation, every time you start it, it will assigns an IP address to your computer,


After that you can easily access any sites like hulu and pandora.

That’s not all. You can even open blocked sites in your school or office using HotSpot Shield. This works because you are accessing all the sites through a VPN.

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  1. I installed Hotspot Shield (Anchorfree) on my Mac, Safari browser. It did not shield my IP. But it did, and does, install uninvited banners on every new page, and open windows I have not asked for.

    How can I uninstall it!!??

  2. Hi, I tried HotSpot Shield for Netflix, and the damn site still detected my computer was on a location outside de US. Though it worked just fine with Holu. Do you have any sugestions for netflix? Thanx

  3. Aurora, is there a trick to this? I’ve got Hotspot Shield (been using it for years and typically works great) but I can’t fool Netflix with it…

  4. I’ve been able access Hulu and Pandora Internet Radio using Hotshield, unfortunately Netflix can somehow still detect that I’m not inside of the US.

    Also I am not seeing any ads. I think that’s because I am using Firefox with Ad Block installed.

    For $0, it was worth it.

  5. I’m trying to listen to a radio station that doesn’t stream outside US borders. I’ve downloaded the hotspot shield but still can’t access the radio station. Will this work for that? thanks.

  6. @George: It does not detect that you are outside US, but the IP you are assigned, by proxy trough HotSpot Shield, are blacklisted by the provider.

    The message they post are the same tho.

  7. I worked in odesk and I’m always posting on craigslist. I really have this problem. if ever I post on craigslist, it’s always asked me for a phone verification from US. If ever I install the hot spot shield to my computer, can they still detect my location?

  8. This does not work AT ALL for me. I have installed and uninstalled. Tried in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and all the time it says server is x.x.x.x and bytes in 0 bytes out (between 0 and 14) and goes from authenticating to TCP connect over and over for 3-5 minutes before saying failed to connect. I am in Canada and cannot figure this out for the life of me anyone else have this issue/know how to help?

  9. works fine for me….could watch episodes from Supernaturals. before, i cant… can this work on posting in craigslist?

  10. I used Hotspot Shield to access Netflix without any problems for over 3 years, but since about 9 months ago this all ended! Now when hotspot is running I often get the msg that I can not watch the movie from my location! Some times if I switch browsers (either from Safari to Mozilla or the opposite) the problem is resolved but often not. I also checked and while Netflix apparently recognizes I am outside US, my IP address (based on google search) is in fact inside US! any idea how I can resolve this issue? Thanks

  11. You are too much. Before getting to your website I paid for this US IP address and got nothing out of it than stories and complex analysis. You are wonderful!

  12. I installed Hotspot but when I went to Netlix it said that Netflix did not recognize my country. Any suggestions?

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