Get Location from Phone Number

People ask me every now and then about getting the location of person from his phone number. Generally they want to locate a prank caller.

The best way to do this would be social engineering. Call him posing as an official from his phone company and ask him his location and about some more information, tell him that this information is missing from your database and unless he provides this, his phone will be discontinued. But Social Engineering is not an easy task and if you are not a good actor, you can’t execute it properly.

So what to do now? Well, below are some of the websites that provides phone number to location services.

While researching for this kind of web service, I found that it is very difficult to find phone number to location service for Indian phone numbers. So I have listed them separately.

Phone number to location service for Indian phone numbers

Use this hacktrix app, to locate any mobile phone number in India,


Read more about this web application here.

Phone number to location service for international phone numbers

Check how to trace any mobile phone number in world to learn more.

28 thoughts on “Get Location from Phone Number”

  1. heey…i like what you have’s cool..i wonder have already started on the implementation for the kiribati’s map..

  2. if u implement to trace the details of sim holder this could be better. any how thank u for hacking this.

  3. @kanth and @vijay
    It would require a lot of work to implement something like that. Still, I’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks for feedback guys :)

  4. hi i m jasoliya cnt v gt details of person wohoi is using his cell like addres name n etc……pls work

  5. nice !
    I hope u r doing as well as u can do it wht i gonna say…!
    Is should provide where the cell phone is by city N by area …..!

    ThanX !

  6. @jasoliya and @Don

    I’ll try to add more details to this app soon. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Good but if u provide location it is much better.anyway thanks for u for devloping this kind of app.

  8. @kamlesh

    No, at this time it isn’t possible. I’ll look into the concept and will post about it if I found something. Don’t forget to subscribe to hacktrix to get the latest updates.

  9. Good work but it will be best if we can find the exact position, phone model and the name of user through his phone number though it is very diffucult.
    Try hard!

  10. Its Really gr8, and i m very glad to see that such things have been implimented.
    Suggestion ;-Please add more details in the current format i.e Exact location\Area.And if possible Handset Model.

    Thank a Ton…..

  11. hii Mayur,
    Its really a cool link. Gr8 job done. everyone want to know abt detail of person, i know it is little bit difficult, but pls work on it.

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