4 Places To Get Free Ebooks Legally

This is probably the right time to post about ebooks. With iPad, Kindle and many more ebook readers in the market, almost everyone is dumping the bulky paper books and switching to ebooks. And why not, they cost less, they are good for environment, and they are portable!

Some time back, I posted about three queries to find any ebook using google. A few readers commented that pirated ebooks also appeared in the search results with those queries and they don’t want to steal from the ebooks’ authors. They want only those ebooks that are legally available for download. Here are 4 places where you can get all the free, and legal, ebooks,

1. Project Gutenberg provides public domain ebooks for download. At the time of writing there are about 32,000 free ebooks available Project Gutenberg. All the ebooks here can be downloaded in various formats, so that you can read them on your PC, as well as on your portable ebook reader. If you are looking for digitized classics like Shakespeare, Dickens etc. then Project Gutenberg is the way to go.

2. Google Books’ Search is a search engine that has thousands of searchable books on its servers. You can read almost any book on Google Books, and you can also download most of the books in pdf format. You can also use this tool to download google books in pdf format.

3. Scribd is one of the best place to get the ebook you are looking for. Its basically a YouTube for ebooks :) The only issue with using scribd for ebook search is that sometimes copyrighted material is also uploaded here. So if you are looking for public domain work then make sure you check the licensing information of the ebook before downloading it from scribd.

4. Use pdf search engines like MegaPdf and SearchPDFBooks. Since most ebooks are in pdf format, you can easily find any ebook using these search engines.

Hope you were able to find the ebook you were looking for. If not, then leave a comment below, may be I can help you.


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