How To Block Facebook on a Computer

I have already explained how you can block any website on your computer using the HOSTS file. It works great but its still possible to open blocked Facebook using proxy servers and VPN services. But there is a way to completely block Facebook on your computer. Use FB Limiter, a free software to block Facebook.

FB Limiter is a free software that lets you completely block Facebook (and YouTube) on your computer. If you block Facebook on your computer using the FB Limiter software, and someone tries to open Facebook using a proxy, it will still be not be accessible.

To start using FB Limiter, just download a free copy from this link, run it, and register for a free account. Once logged in, you will see the very simple to use user interface of FB Limiter. You can now block Facebook on your computer in a single click.

If you need more control over blocking Facebook, you can upgrade to the pro version of this software. In pro version, you get access to some more Facebook block modes.

If you want to block Facebook for your kids, but also want them to allow access for specific times each day or week, then the ‘Time Lock’ features lets you do that. For example, your kids can access Facebook for 1 hour per day at a specified time. Other then this time, Facebook will remain blocked.

There is also a ‘Total Block’ mode in the pro version. Once activated, you can’t access Facebook for a specified time even if you want to! But if you are so addicted to Facebook that you have to use this feature, then I suggest you to deactivate your Facebook account for some time to control the Facebook addiction.

Note that this Facebook blocking software is password protected. So if you block Facebook on your computer using this software, then no one can open Facebook, even if they know that FB Limiter is installed to block Facebook on this computer, since they don’t know the password to open it.

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