How To Deactivate and Reactivate Your Facebook Account

Facebook is a great social media marketing tool if you want to promote your brand to the masses. Many posts easily go viral on Facebook, and there is a good chance that your product or service will get a good exposure if you properly use Facebook to promote it. But there are always two sides of a coin.

Facebook is also one of the biggest way to waste your time. And let’s face it, you can easily get addicted to it, if you are not already.

If every time you start your computer, your open Facebook first, and once logged in, your hop from profiles to profiles and pages to pages for hours, then its high time you do something about this Facebook addiction.

You can use free software to block Facebook on your computer for specified amount of time. If you spend more time on Facebook then anything else, you might also consider deleting your Facebook account. But instead of taking such extreme step, I suggest you to deactivate your Facebook account for some time, so that you can reactivate it later for good use like social media marketing.

Even if you are not a serious Facebook addict, you might still want to deactivate your Facebook account temporarily to study for exams or prepare for some interview.

Deactivate Your Facebook Account Temporarily

To temporarily deactivate your Facebook account, go to ‘Account Settings > Security’ and click on the ‘Deactivate your account’ link. Or, you can simply click on this link: Deactivate your Facebook Account.

One the Facebook account deactivation page, select the option that says ‘This is temporary. I’ll be back.’ and then click on Confirm.

That’s it. You have just deactivated your Facebook account for good.

Reactivate Your Deactivated Facebook Account

No matter how strong your are, sooner or later, the nostalgia of your Facebook friends, likes, shares and comments will start to haunt you and you will yearn to come back to Facebook. This is probably the time to reactivate your Facebook account.

To reactivate your deactivated Facebook account, simply login to your Facebook account and your account will be reactivated.

I hope that deactivating your Facebook account for some time will do some good to your Facebook addiction and also your school grades. So, did it work for you? Do let us know using the comments form below.

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