How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

If you are really addicted to Facebook and it takes most of your time, then it is probably right time to delete your Facebook account permanently.

If you are not really sure about deleting your Facebook account permanently, then you might try deactivating your Facebook account for some time. Once you are sure that you can live without Facebook, you can delete it permanently.

To delete Facebook account, go to the official page to delete your Facebook account and click on ‘Delete My Account’ button.

Facebook will instantly show you a warning message saying that you are really deleting your Facebook account and you cannot reactivate your Facebook account once deleted. Click okay and enter your Facebook password to confirm deletion.

Once confirmed, your Facebook account will be deleted in 14 days. Note that if you login to your Facebook account in the next 14 days, your account deletion will be cancelled and your Facebook account will be reactivated. So make sure not to login to your Facebook account after deleting it.

Also note that many websites and web services use Facebook login these days. For the next 14 days, you should not login to those websites and web services as well. You have to create new accounts on them to use them now.

Other then Facebook addiction, there is one more reason why people delete Facebook account. The reason is that they want to start fresh on Facebook and get rid of all social mistakes they did on their Facebook account.

Since its against Facebook terms to operate two accounts, you have to delete your existing Facebook account to create a new one. So, if you are deleting your Facebook account to create a new one, you don’t have to wait for 14 days. You can create your new account instantly after deleting your existing Facebook account.

You may also want to download all your Facebook data and download all your Facebook images before deleting your Facebook account permanently.

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