2 Ways to Open a CBR File

CBR files are actually Comic Book Archive Files. Generally, CBR files contains a number of compressed image files that are archived together using The RAR algorithm. Now, since CBR files are basically RAR files, you can extract its contents using software such as WinRar or 7zip. There are two ways to do this,

1. Rename the file’s extension to .rar and then extract it just like any other rar file.

2. Right click on the CBR file, click on Open,

how to open cbr files

Then choose either 7zip or WinRar from the programs list, and extract its contents.

use winrar to open cbr files

Do let me know, using the comments form below, if you can’t open any CBR file using the above method.

5 thoughts on “2 Ways to Open a CBR File”

  1. yes it’s working i have since 4 years this comic book on my computer and now by mistake i saw your mail and manage to extracted it but i’ve better shouldnt because it’s not that great this comic book :) thank you by the way ! :)

  2. Thank you soooo much for this educational information. I was able to enjoy my comics with ease. Thanks again! :D

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