Watch IPL 7 T20 2014 Matches Live Online on YouTube

The IPL 7 T20 2014 will start on 3rd April, 2014 (check out the IPL 6 schedule). A total of 9 teams are participating in this biggest cricket tournament of the year.

If you are in India, you can watch the IPL matches live on TV. But if you are located in a country where Set Max is not aired or if you are in India but you don’t have access to a TV, then what to do? Just watch the IPL 7 2014 cricket matches online!

You already know how to get live IPL matches scores using Google. There is also official online live streaming of IPL T20 matches.

But if you are looking forward to watch the IPL 7 matches live online, then you should catch them on YouTube, rather then the official site. This is because YouTube streams much faster then the official IPL T20 site.

Please let us know, using the comments form below, which site is better to watch the IPL 7 live online, the official site or the YouTube channel?

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