Use Gtalk AutoReply To Send Automatic Replies in Gtalk

Usually all my messengers are auto started with windows and I am almost always logged in to them. This is good since I am always in touch with all my friends and colleagues. However, sometimes I am not around my PC, but since the GTalk is still on, people keep pinging me to talk. As I am not on my machine, they don’t get any reply which causes confusion.

Now you can avoid all this confusion by using GTalk Autoreply. This small software automatically sends a pre-configured reply if someone pings you when you are not around.

Its very easy to use GTalk Autoreply. First download it from the official page. Now, enter your Gmail username and password after starting it, and set the message that you want to send as an autoreply.

Gtalk Autoreply to sent automatic reply in gtalk

Done. Now it will automatically send the autoreply whenever someone pings you. You can also check the option that says Start Automatically With Windows to start it automatically.

GTalk Autoreply is an open source software and if you wanna dig deeper into its internals, you can download the source code from here.


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