How To Unfriend or Remove a Friend on Facebook

Do you want to remove someone from your Facebook friends list, that is, do you want to unfriend someone on Facebook? There can be many reasons why you want to do it.

May be he clutters your news stream with useless updates, sends you hundreds of app requests, or may be you just accidently accepted someone as a friend on a Facebook and you actually don’t know that person. Whatever the reason is, its actually very easy to unfriend or remove a friend on Facebook. Here’s the procedure:

• Go to the profile page of the person whom you want to unfriend on Facebook. If you can’t find the profile of this person, then simply type the name of the person in the facebook search box to find it.

• Now hover over the Friends link on the top of the profile page of the person.

• In the drop down menu that appears, click on Unfriend.


• Facebook will now ask you if you really want to remove this person from your Friend list. Just select ‘Remove From Friends’ and the person will be removed from your Facebook friend list instantly.

Unfriend or Remove a Facebook Friend : Video Tutorial

Note that you need not worry about Facebook notifications while you remove someone from your friend list, as the person your unfriend will not receive any notifications from Facebook. A person will know that you have removed him from your friend list if he is using some external scripts to check who has unfriended or removed him from Facebook friend list but very few people use these type of scripts.

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