How To Write Thumbs Up Sign or Smiley on Facebook

Thumbs Up symbols is often used to signify a ‘go ahead’ gesture or to wish best of luck to someone. Earlier the thumbs up smiley, sign or symbol was not available in the official list of Facebook smileys. The only way to insert it into Facebook chat and comments was using special Facebook symbols.

But now Facebook has officially added the support for the Thumbs Up smiley. You can now easily write Thumbs Up Sign or Smiley in Facebook chat or comments by just typing the sign (Y), that is, a capital Y in parentheses or brackets.

thumbs up symbol smiley facebook

The symbol (Y) was selected to represent the Thumbs Up smiley because it generally signifies a Yes. Also, almost all the messenger programs that support a Thumbs Up symbol already use this sign to represent it.

Try it out if you wish to say Thumbs Up to someone on Facebook. If you face any issues in inserting the Thumbs Up sign or smiley in Facebook chat or comments using the procedure explained above, please post details using the comments form below.

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