The Cycle Frontier – Top 4 Tips New Players Should Know

Coming hot in the zone of multiplayer extraction shooters, The Cycle: Frontier is thrilling but also an unforgiving experience. The game drops its players onto the lush surface of the harsh world of Fortuna III. You will come across many challenges both from the fauna as well as your enemies. As a beginner, to increase your chances of survival, there are various skills and strategies you need to learn. This guide aims to arm players with the best tips and Cycle Frontier Hacks that will help them survive in the unforgiving environment of The Cycle: Frontier.

1. Select the map before the drop

As soon as the game start, you will get access to two maps: Bright Sands and Crescent Falls – choose the map according to your playstyle. Each time you have to drop, choose between the two maps wisely, as it can affect your gameplay.

For beginners, we strongly suggest they drop in Bright Sands. Each map is divided into different tiers, each depicting the threat level and quality of loot there. Though the game has a rough environment with lots of challenges and tasks to survive, the toughest PvE enemy, i.e., Crushers, are manually placed in Crescent Falls, making it an unsafe place for beginners. So, it is better to stick to Bright Sands until you get familiar with the game.

2. Have a gameplan ready before entering the match

Although there are no fixed objectives in The Cycle: Frontier making it much harder than other multiplayer games, having a game plan ready before you enter the match can drastically improve your gameplay. Make sure to prepare a plan of action that goes well with spawning and extraction points. Ideally, getting your plan ready within a few seconds of landing is the best to get a good head start on the match.

In case you are a beginner or still trying to understand the game, never try to head down to Science Campus; only some of the pro players can hunt 5 Striders at once.

The Cycle: Frontier is a very complex game; you can be jumping between points of interest, completing your quests, and still not seeing any progress in the game. That is why it is best to head into the game with a game plan to avoid getting killed by other players, and ultimately, it will help in improving your gameplay.

3. Keep an eye on your stamina bar.

In a game where your enemies are ready to kill you in a blink of an eye, you do not want to run short on stamina in between combat. Running, meleeing, jumping, and other such activities can consume a lot of your stamina, making your character breathe heavily, and you do not want that to happen, believe us. Breathing heavily alerts your nearby enemies about your location making it easier for them to raid your location. Not only this, but if your stamina levels fall, you will not be able to run or attack; you will become much slower, and even a regular activity will take a lot of effort. So, keep an eye on your stamina at all times – easily found at the bottom of your screen. If you find it low, stand still or walk to regain your stamina.

4. Do not underestimate the storms.

The Cycle: Frontier doesn’t go easy on its players, and its continuously changing climate makes it even harder for the players to survive. Though the storm in the game is one of the most exciting features, there is no doubt they are scary as hell. Each storm comes with a pitch blackness making it harder to see the threats around you. Imagine having pitch blackness around you – scary, isn’t it?

But the horror doesn’t end here. Lightning is one the most dangerous part of any storm; it will follow you and repeatedly strike your location, causing colossal damage to your health until you find a suitable cover. If you are a new player, avoiding such ventures in the middle of the storm is the best course of action.

We hope this guide will be helpful to all the new players out there planning to start their journey into this challenging world of The Cycle: Frontier.

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