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Google+ has a very clean and elegant interface. It uses only 3 colors in its design but looks great. If you are a fan of Google+ design then there is a good new for you. I am releasing PlusOne WordPress theme for free.

PlusOne is a WordPress theme that looks exactly like Google+ interface.

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Using PlusOne WordPress Theme: To show the thumbnails on the theme, download and install get the image plugin, and set the default thumbnail size in WordPress to 100px by 100px. You can do this in media settings (Settings > Media).

Please don’t remove the footer links if you want to support further development of the theme. This is Version 1.0 of the PlusOne theme. In future versions, I will add custom nav menu support, color selectors, options page and much more.

Future development depends upon the feedback I get for Version 1.0. So, please post a comment below if you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions.

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16 thoughts on “PlusOne WordPress Theme”

  1. Excellent wordpress theme. Wrote a review in my tech blog too. Like to spread a word about it to my readers too. Keep up the good work and I support your theme development.


  2. @jeroenk

    You can add a search widget in sidebar.

    @Frank Köhntopp

    Thanks for the feedback. I will keep it in mind.
    Also, the next version of PlusOne WordPress theme is coming soon.

  3. Please add these following functions.

    1. Inbuilt features images show option.
    2. One option for insert code before and after posts.
    3. RSS, Twitter, Facebook social icons on top navigation.
    4 Facility for insert Google Anays. code.

  4. @Sandeep Yadav

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will include these features in the next release of PlusOne WordPress theme.

  5. Hello Buddy, I saw the theme, its good but the problem with the theme is – it is not compatible with 1024*768 resolutions as it is showing scrolling in this resolution. I tested the demo in Firefox 5.

  6. Great work! I’m using on my new blog, and i think the theme is nice good.
    Only a suggest: the little red ribbon on top of the active page, as on Google, and the center search bar are missing.

  7. Thanks for the theme.

    It works well except for the bullets on sidebar items that won’t show up. Is it something we need to configure?

  8. @Steph

    The sidebar bullets should appear automatically. Please post the URL of your website here and I’ll help you troubleshoot the issue you have with PlusOne, the Google+ clone theme.

  9. This is really an awesome theme! I am just wondering it the demo is an “out of the box” install or have their been modifications?

    I am trying to get my site images to look just like the demo and I am having a little trouble achieving that goal.

    Thanks for making this wonderful theme!

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