How to Stop the Noise While Copying Audio CD

Whenever I try to burn an audio cd using Nero, my cd writer makes a lot of noise. Observing the process carefully for some time revealed that noise is generated only at the end of each track. Anyways, I tried to find a a fix for this, and here’s the step by step solution to the problem.

Fix the Homepage in Internet Explorer

You started your PC and opened IE to visit your favorite web site that you have set as your home page, only to find that some porn site automatically opened instead of your homepage. What happened? Read how you can you fix the homepage so that it can never be altered in any ways by any malicious website.

Get Location from Phone Number

People ask me every now and then about getting the location of person from his phone number. Generally they want to locate a prank caller. The best way to do this would be social engineering. But Social Engineering is not an easy task and if you are not a good actor, you can’t execute it properly. So what to do now?

How To Use Proxies to Open Blocked Websites

Is one of your favorite site is blocked in your school or office? Do you want to access any website even if it is blocked? Then you should use proxies to access those sites…