How To Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card in India

If you are planning to do some business online then you must have a verified paypal account. If you have a normal account, that is, an unverified account, then there are too many restrictions on you. For instance,

  • Your maximum monthly transaction limit is fixed ($500)
  • You’ll have less say in case of a conflicted payment
  • You can’t create payment buttons

Until today, the only way to verify a paypal account was by linking a credit card to it. For Indian users, it was a big issue, as most of the Indian users don’t have a credit card. But paypal have realized this problem and now you can verify your paypal account just by adding your bank account details to it.

Verify Paypal Account By Adding Bank Account Details

1. Login to your paypal account. Click on the get verified link on the top of your paypal page.

2. You’ll see multiple ways to verify. Click on Link My Bank Account button.

3. Add your bank account details and then click on Start process to confirm bank account and get verified link.

Now, paypal will make two small deposits into your bank account. Check your bank account transaction details after 4-5 days and then enter those amounts in paypal verification page again. That’s it. Your paypal account is verified now and all the restrictions are gone.

I created a small video to demonstrate the procedure, check it out,

If you still have any queries regarding verification of paypal account, then contact me using the comments form below.