Now Play Antakshari on Your Mobile Phone

Antakshari is one of the most popular games in India. If you are not from India, or if you don’t know what is Antakshari, then check out the wikipedia entry for Antakshari.

Minimum two players are required to play Antakshari. But now you can play Antakshari all by yourself over your mobile phone with Mobile Antakshari.

Mobile Antakshari is a multilingual speech recognition application developed by Hexolabs. Mobile Antakshari is a VAS app thus no installation is required. You need to call 55455 /55855 to start playing it instantly from any handset.

Mobile Antakshari is available in 4 languages, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Soon Urdu and Bengali languages will also be supported.

The game contains four rounds, Karaoke, Antara, Bollygyan and Random round. The game also includes a multi-player version where you can play with other Antakshari champions.

Currently Mobile Antakshari is available only on Idea network. The service is not free and costs 99p/minute or Rs. 49/month to play.

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