How To Translate From An Unknown Language To English

You probably already know that Hacktrix is read by people from all over the world. People use online translation services to translate the articles to their own language. This is great.

But, because of readers from all over the world, I receive many emails and comments on posts from readers which are in language other than English. Although I know a few languages, I can’t just look at a couple of lines and tell which language it is. So, I spent some time in researching about this idea. How to translate from an unknown language to English?

After some research, Google Translate came to rescue. You can easily detect an unknown language and translate it to English using it. Following is the brief tutorial on this feature of Google Translate.

How To Translate From An Unknown Language To English?

To illustrate this feature, I’ll be using a comment which was posted on this post. Here’s the comment-

to com dificuldade pra baixar o livro todo VyzZz2jGIUwC …. a velocidade (acho) 100 mbps…. o programa tá umas 4h na mesma pagina e nada…. e algumas n conseguiu copiar….

Now from the context of the post I can guess that it has something to do with the google books downloader, but I have no idea about the language of this comment.

To determine its language and translate it to English,

1. Open the Google Translate.

2. Paste your text in the text box and select Detect langauge in the first drop down list. Select English in the second drop down list.


3. Click on the translate button. Google Translate will not only translate it to English, it will also determine its language, like this,


That’s it. Now I know that it was in Portuguese and I can read its translation in English.

That’s not all, I wrote my reply to this comment in English, translated it to Portuguese using Google Translate, and wrote it back to her. You can see this comment and my reply to it in this post.

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