How Does Ebook Sellers Generate Fake Earning Reports For Adsense

You must have stumbled upon websites and sales letters on the web (long single page sites selling an ebook or some other money making machine) that claim to have found the ultimate magic formula of making money on the web with adsense. They even show you an adsense report to show the proof of their earnings, like this,


Ever wondered how do they get those report? Do you actually believe that they generate so much cash everyday. Then why they are selling money making ebooks and products for $10?

Lets get back to my original question, how do they get that adsense report. Well, its pretty easy to generate that kind of report. You can use the Google Adsense Money Generator, to generate a report of your own.


Enter the amount you want to “earn”, and press “Generate Cash” to see the magic. That’s it.

There’s another method to generate fake adsense reports easily. Simply log into your adsense account to open the reports page, use this hack to make that page editable inside the browser. Then edit the earnings and take a screen shot.

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  1. that’s true, because now one can make such a hilarious numbers with adsense !! even google can’t do it with her blog on blogspot !! :) thanks

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