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Do you think that you are the best gamer in the world? Are you looking for world’s hardest game ever to prove your skills? You are at the right place!

Below you can play the world’s hardest game ever. The game looks simple at first sight, but don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity. This is actually the hardest game to play ever. The game consists of total 30 levels. If you can clear even some of those levels, then you must consider yourself to be a very good gamer.

Rules for the World’s Hardest Game Ever

The rules are simple. You are the red square in the game. You can move this red square up, down or sideways using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Your mission is to reach the green beacon. But while moving towards your goal, you must not touch any blue circle, and you must collect all the yellow circles.

In the higher levels of this game, there will be more then one green beacons. Your missions is still to reach the last green beacon. The beacons in the middle act as laps.

Play the Hardest Game Ever

You can start the hardest game ever below. After playing it, do post about how many levels did you clear below, and let the fellow gamers know about your gaming skills.

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