Get 2 Year Membership of Godaddy Auctions For Free

GoDaddy is, without any doubt, the most popular domain registrar. With its reliable service and competitive pricing structure, its very popular among webmasters for domain registrations. One of the lesser known service of GoDaddy is the GoDaddy Auctions.

GoDaddy Auctions is a domain name marketplace. Domain name owners list their domains in this marketplace to sell. If you want to list your domain to sell or if you want to place a bid on a listed domain in this marketplace, then you must be a member of GoDaddy Auctions. The membership fee for GoDaddy Auctions is $4.99/year. But using the procedure explained below, you can get 2 year membership of Godaddy Auctions for free.

Get 2 Year Membership of Godaddy Auctions For Free

1. Go to and click on the button that says, Join Now.

2. Select 2 years option from the drop down menu.

3. Now GoDaddy will bombard you with many offers. Just ignore them by clicking on the ‘No Thanks’ button.

4. On the final page click on the ‘Enter Promo or Source Code’ link in Order Summary box. Enter the coupon code FREETDNAM and click on Apply. You’ll see that order total will change to $0 (or zero amount in the currency of your country)

5. Checkout to get the two year membership of Godaddy for free!

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  1. Yeah, it’s not working for me either, and I’m in the US. I have a feeling they logged my IP as I logged in under an older account for a moment, and so…

    I even tried in another browser :-(

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