Find Out Whom Did You First Follow On Twitter

Ever thought about finding whom did you first follow on twitter? And do you remember whom did you last follow on twitter?

Well, no need to guess, you can find out the answer to both the questions by using the new hacktrix web app, My First Follow on Twitter.


Simply enter your twitter username and it’ll instantly display the first and the last person that you followed on twitter.


The only drawback with this is that it will display the first and last person that you are still following on twitter. What this means is that, if you followed Mr. X first on the twitter, and then you followed Ms. Y. After some time you stopped following Mr. X. Then this app will display Ms. Y as your first follow. Similarly with the last follow.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this app, you can contact me here or just use the comments.

Hope you like it.

7 thoughts on “Find Out Whom Did You First Follow On Twitter”

  1. I have two twitter accounts, just tried this application with both of them… and on both of them, it listed the first-follow as the last and the last-follow as the first.

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