How To Hide a Folder in Windows By Making it Invisible

You probably already know how to make a folder hidden in Windows. But if someone knows that you have hidden the folder by changing its attributes, then its really easy to make it visible again by changing its attributes again.

There is another clever way to hide a folder in Windows, you can simply make it invisible. The trick is to give it an invisible name and assign an invisible blank icon to it. Here’s the simple two step procedure to hide a folder in Windows:

• Select the folder that you want to hide, right click on it and select ‘rename’. Now press and hold the ALT key and type the number 0160 using the number pad. Now click anywhere on the screen. This will make the name of the folder invisible.

• Now right click again on this folder that you want to hide, and click on ‘Properties’. Select ‘Customize’ tab, and click on ‘Change icon’. Choose a blank transparent icon and click on OK. This will make the folder completely invisible.

That’s it. Its one of the great way to hide folder in Windows. The only disadvantage with this method to hide folder in Windows is that is someone selects everything by pressing CTRL + A, at the place where your invisible hidden folder is located, then they may see this hidden folder.

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