Dell Inspiron Duo – Is it a Tablet? Is it a Notebook?

Dell showcased the first ever swiveling tablet in a developer forum at San Francisco. Its a first of its kind, unique device with a swiveling screen. The device has been named Dell Inspiron Duo.

The gadget looks like a notebook with a 10 inch screen and a smart keyboard. If you rotate the screen and close the notebook’s top, it becomes a touch screen tablet.

Dave Zavelson, Marketing Executive of Dell, said at the conference,

There are times that you have to do work. Tablets are great for entertainment, but they aren’t exactly conducive to productivity.

Price and Specs For Dell Inspiron Duo

The Dell Inspiron Duo comes with 2Gb DDR3 RAM and is powered by a Dual Core Intel Atom N 550 processor. It comes with Windows 7 operating system.

This swiveling tablet will be available in market in few months. The price for the dell inspiron duo is not specified yet.

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  1. Similar tablets with swiveling screen have been around for a long time. There’s a reason they never caught on. Obviously Dell like so many others still don’t get what makes the iPad so amazing. Back to the drawing board.

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