Can You Print A Currency Note Using Adobe Photoshop?

Recently I was researching on unconventional uses of Photoshop. While discussing the idea with friends, someone told me that anyone can use Photoshop to print fake currency notes. I told her that its not possible otherwise it would have been very difficult to control counterfeit currency in the market. But I was not sure so I decided to test this statement and started researching on Internet for this.

What I found is very obvious. You cannot print fake currency notes using Photoshop. You can open and edit a currency note image with photoshop, but if you try to print it, Photoshop will refuse to do it and will display the following error,


In fact, even if you somehow manage to bypass Photoshop’s restrictions, you cannot print a fake currency note from any printer or photocopy machine.

Now the question arises that how does Photoshop or the Printer knows that its a currency note image?

This is because the currency note designs include EURion Constellation. The EURion Constellation is composed of five small orange, green or yellow circles, which are then printed across different areas of banknote at different orientations.


All the color photocopiers, image processing software like Photoshop and printers include an internal algorithm, which refuses to print an image if it detects EURion Constellation pattern on it. You can read more about EURion Constellation here.

So the answer is – You can’t print a currency note using any image processing software, photocopy machine or a printer. And that’s really a great news (unless you are a faker yourself ;) )

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  2. hii mayur,
    while reading regarding EURion constellation on wikipedia i found that there are some notes (even big notes of 100 and 500 also) which do not have this EURion constellation… so why r u totally refusing this.. i mean to say it may be possible for these notes to print…

  3. @rishabh

    If a currency note doesn’t contain the EURion constellation, it can technically be printed. But all the new currency notes does contain EURion constellation, so you need not worry about that :)

  4. photoshop is one worst kind of software in its rank,there are much better softwares,even with free gnu licence that are more efficient than photo shop,besides older versions of photoshop have more efficiency and can print bank notes,bank notes can be print much better to look good than original…threre are many many softwares why go adobe…..

  5. @fakerulespirate

    I am not asking anyone to go for Adobe’s product, neither I am asking to go away from them. Its just a post to explain the concept of EURion constellation.

  6. If a person wanted to print fake money (at least in the US) they could just use ones. Any large amount of money would more than likely be checked for being fake and shy of having the printing machines, paper, washing the ink off of ones to reprint, and having the magnetic strips to insert between the two parts, it’s pretty close to impossible. The thing is, most people that you’d be giving counterfit money to will be store clerks and people that you’d never have to see again. One dollar bills do not have the EURion constellation, no magnetic strip, and the old style of background. So just print off some fake ones, wrinkle them up a bit, and mix them in with your other bills (or mix only one at a time so you can say ‘someone must have given me this in change at that gas station!’) Counterfitting isn’t that good of a ‘money making’ (ha shitty pun) scheme. Honestly stealing things from Walmart and selling them on eBay would be easier and more lucrative.

  7. Well, the thing about photocopy machines not copying notes with the EURion constellation is right. But its not the same reason in photoshop, according to wikipedia:
    “Users of recent versions of image editors, such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, discovered that these also refuse to print banknotes. According to, the banknote detection code in these applications, called the Counterfeit Deterrence System (CDS), was designed by the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group and supplied to companies such as Adobe as a binary module. However, experiments by Steven J. Murdoch and others showed that this banknote detection code does not rely on the EURion pattern. It instead detects a digital watermark embedded in the images, developed by Digimarc.”

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