Preview And Download A Specific File From Zip, Rar Archives And ISO Images

ArchView is a new firefox addon which enables you to open archive(rar and zip) and image(ISO) files online just like normal web pages.


Usually if you need a single file from an archive, you need to download the archive completely and then extract it locally to get that particular file. With ArchView, you can open Zip, Rar Archives and ISO image files in your browser, and then you can download any specific file(s) archived in them. It saves both bandwidth and time.

ArchView is very fast. To peek inside the archives and image files it downloads only a small portion of the file (probably the header portion) from the server. To find out the exact answer, you can have a look at its source code. Yes, its open source, hosted at sourceforge.

At the time of writing it supports RAR and ZIP archive formats, as well as ISO image format. It enables you to download files using HTTP, FTP or file: protocols.

You can install the ArchView firefox plugin from here. Once installed, it is added to the firefox status bar. To activate it, simply click on any rar, zip or iso file. All the contents of the file will be instantly displayed in the HTML or XUL format (depending upon your preferences).

Soon it will also support 7z format. One suggestion to the developer(s), it would be better if archview is integrated in the firefox’s download dialog.

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5 thoughts on “Preview And Download A Specific File From Zip, Rar Archives And ISO Images”

  1. Hi there,
    I just installed it last night and works perfectly fine though i’ve encountered a trojan within a rar archive. Thanks for the tip. Anyway, got a suggestion for an add-on that can grab any flash video.7wf or flv file extensi0ns.

  2. @strat

    Check the temp folder or just open the page in firefox, then go to Tools > Page Info > Media, find the required file, and save it.

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