How To Open Hidden WRAPFIELD Mode of Minesweeper

Do you know that there is a hidden mode in minesweeper game. If you consider yourself to be a minesweeper pro, then you should definitely try this hardest mode of minesweeper.

How to activate the hidden WRAPFIELD Mode of minesweeper?

1. Start minesweeper. Go to Start->Run, type winmine and press Enter.

2. Reset all the previous high scores. To do this, go to Game->Best Times, and click on Reset Scores.

3. Now you have to play the game in all the three usual modes (beginner, intermediate, expert), and set a high score in each mode.


When it asks you for the name of the player on setting the high score, write WRAPFIELD each time.


3. Now click on the yellow smiley on minesweeper’s interface. If you have done everything correctly, it will turn to red, indicating that you are now in the WRAPFIELD mode.


Why WRAPFIELD mode is harder?

Normally the numbers on a particular square indicates the number of mines surrounding the numbered square. On the edges, it becomes easier to predict mines, since there are lesser number of surrounding squares.

However, in the WRAPFIELD mode, the numbered square indicate the number of mines surrounding the square including the boxes on the opposite side of wall.


Also, in case of corners, the numbered box also includes the boxes from opposite corner and the boxes from the opposite edged squares, which makes the game really challenging.


How to get back to the normal Mode of minesweeper?

To get back the normal minesweeper, simply reset the scores again. Go to Game->Best Times, and click on Reset Scores.

Thanks to Mark Erickson for the tip