The Minesweeper XYZZY Code

Although Minesweeper comes pre-installed in all the version of Windows, very few have actually mastered it. Well, now you don’t have to master it at all. Here’s a secret tip to beat Minesweeper, its called The Minesweeper XYZZY Code.

What is The Minesweeper XYZZY Code?

The XYZZY code is a simple cheat code for Minesweeper that helps you find the mines without clicking on the cells. To use this code, open Minesweeper, then type the letters xyzzy and hold the shift button for three seconds. Then minimize all open programs and look closely in the top left corner of your monitor screen. You will see a single pixel turned white,

Once you see the white pixel, it means the cheat is activated. Now start playing Minesweeper. Whenever you are about to click on a cell, look at that top left corner. If its still white, then its ok to click it. If it turns black, then it means you are on a mine!

Online Minesweeper Options Alternative to Windows

While the cheat code may not be available, you don’t have to miss out on the fun of Minesweeper. Check out Play Minesweeper for a fantastic gameplay experience that can be enjoyed on any browser. The site offers a well-designed interface, responsive controls, and challenges that will put your logic and patience to the test, capturing the essence of this timeless puzzle game. Dive in and navigate those mine-laden grids!

Hope you can now win at Minesweeper ;)

3 thoughts on “The Minesweeper XYZZY Code”

  1. Its not working in vista. I started minesweeper and then pressed xyzzy and then holded shift for 3 seconds and then pressed show desktop. There was no white dot on the top left corner

  2. XP MCE 2005 SP3
    aka version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.100427-1636 : Service Pack 3)
    not working here
    no biggie though
    I’ve had beginner down to 7 secs
    intermediate down to 45 secs
    advanced down to 143 secs
    Lame for the nerds I am sure but not bad for this old coot.
    (My first computer was an IBM 360/150 with a whooping 8,192 BYTES of core memory which ran the local community college and my CATs on organic chem nomenclature.)

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